How can we expect ourselves to be happy all the time? I’ve never heard any man saying “Yes I am happy . Happy with life. I do not want anything else . I am satisfied” Even if you say yes I am happy , till how much time can you continue saying the same thing? Like one hour? One day? One week?maximum one month? And then suddenly you’ll realize that nothing is good, everything is bad, and all you see is darkness and negativity. You might have it all, world’s best parents, friends, siblings, money , respect , popularity everything but if you’re missing someone its hell. Stuck in a world where people who are single want to get married, people who are married consider it to be a burden, people who are partying feel they are the loneliest ,people who are studying and building carriers feel that life is dull and want to party, so basically no one is satisfied . We are never satisfied and probably this whole idea of happiness and being satisfied with what you have is a mere illusion. It is not possible. In fact I feel sadness and dissatisfaction is what keeps you going in life. Tough situations bring out the best in us, makes us strong, and the bad times are the reason why in the happy times, we feel joyful . How will you understand the meaning of happiness until you’ve  been sad? How will you know what’s pain until you’ve been through heart breaks? How will you know the importance of your friends until you’ve been alone? In a world full of disloyalty, hatred and loneliness we often ignore and neglect the ones who really matter to us just for the sake of achieving something or someone who does not even gives a shit about our existence.The bad times help us in making us realize how lucky we actually are. It is the bad times, the bad times.


39 thoughts on “Happiness”

  1. Okay! another nice piece of work! You are really good at writing! Make sure you can increase the length of your work because I am actually feeling disappointed that it lasted barely 3 minutes to run over this emotion. Waiting for such more work.. πŸ™‚


  2. That’s so true. Its such an abstract concept – happiness. Something that everybody craves and yet no one seems to have. People keep chasing it somewhere over these barriers, forgetting to look in their own pockets first.

    I love your writing by the way. Its beautiful. Even your other posts, I love how metaphorical they are.

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    1. Haha thanks ! Read my about page , I’m able to write only when I feel highly elated or extremely down, that’s why I don’t post that often, though I try my level best to !I’m glad you liked my posts (:

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  3. Happiness is only when needs of high intensity are met, meaning it can only be a brief experience. Not one person can be continuously happy because when needs of high intensity are prolonged it only produces a feeling of mild comfort. Happiness therefore is a contrast, meaning if you want to experience the joy of eating, you have to first experience the pain of hunger. To be continuously full on food would rob you of any happiness of eating. so I agree the bad times really do make us realize how lucky we are:)

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  4. Just spent the last 45 minutes reading all your posts! Thank you so much, had so many “awe” moments!!
    Your work is inspiring!!! ❀️
    Happiness is a discrete term, even the best of authors cannot satiate you, but reading literary craftsmanship on WordPress by a super talented neighbour could be blissful!😌

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  5. Each line of yours is so relatable . We often forget to value those , who really care for us and deem to forget their existence , unless we are in need ourselves. Each word of yours is so touching , and made me realise how to fight the bad times . Thank you for taking the pain and writting the blogs .

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