Mountains are steep, people are steeper.

Do you realize how beautiful these mountains look with their shining white glaciers symbolising purity and the alluring streams that flow down?The clouds rigged as a crown perfectly portaying how splendidly the mountain performs its task of a ruler ,protecting its countrymen like a shield. The way these mountains touch the sky , will fill within your heart the desire to emulate it, to reach the highest point , just like it does.Go closer and you’ll realize that you were living in a world of delusion until now. Which once was an epitome of beauty and purity now becomes a hard sharp object.Its the reason of extreme temperatures in the areas nearby. The streams that is a source of life sometimes take away life in the form of floods.
Are people any different ? We try to hide the monster present within each of us under a white mask – a mask of goodness. We feign to hold on to someone when we’re actually holding them back. Showing how we’re happily marching towards our goals when deep down we know how uncertain we are. The question that arises is : Is the mask necessary ?
The answer is : Why does the cuckoo leave its eggs in another nest ? Is it for it’s own good or is it an obligation?
Mountains are steep, people are steeper.


86 thoughts on “Mountains are steep, people are steeper.”

    1. It’s ok.
      No problem. It’s completely your wish. I just nominated you so that you get new change and it will only help. Rest is only wish.
      Btw you don’t have to write about books you have write about kind work you did or do.

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  1. Wow, you are such a good writer! And have a splendid imagination! This comparison to people is so accurate; because no matter how “big” we seem from the outside, our insecurities still lie somewhere within us, out of people’s reach! 😦

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  2. I notice from your ‘About’ that you are 15! I am gobsmacked at your literary talent at your age. Please, please, please nurture it, live it, nurture yourself as you live your writing, because your poetic and linguistic and artistic voice will grow and grow. One or two perfectly plausible twist of serendipity and fate and the world will get to know you. I’m serious…you have something latent, precious and pristine in your creative soul. Deepest respect and kind wishes. K

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    1. I’m literally speechless right now. Thankyou, i mean it. Thankyou for such kind words, for believing in me, for finding such potential in me. There are days when i’m puffed with pessimism, during those times when i read such comments it automatically puts me into a better mood. Its an honour to receive such words from you.All my kind wishes to you too.

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      1. Most welcome. You’re really doing a great great job at this young age. Honestly it’s not something we get to see commonly.
        Your thoughts are splendid and filled with maturity.
        Keep going great.
        Keep smiling always.πŸ˜‰πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

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