Ice and heart.

Its inexplicable how people are so timorous when it comes to heart breaks.Ice is so strong you can’t break it but just a whit of heat and that which once was impregnable , is now non- existant and void.Its now a complete different substance. Is our heart different? Our heart is sturdy enough, placed securely between our ribs , so strong that there’s no wound it can’t superate, so competent, it supports not only its own body but also alleviates other lost souls.But then again, perfect is just a delusion and that which is fixed is meant to break.A moment is enough to shatter your heart into pieces.Surround it with solitude, it breaks.When the love it gave is not reciprocated,it breaks.
Reading this makes you sombre, is’nt it ? The ice melts but does that mean it cannot be strong again ? No.Similarly, our heart breaks but that does’nt mean that there’s no fixing of our broken heart. The water won’t freeze immediately, but it will definitely. Just give it some time, the water will be ice again. Just give it some time, your heart will be fixed again.


53 thoughts on “Ice and heart.”

  1. When the love it gave is not reciprocated,it breaks.—- this is exactly the point.
    We never teach ourselves to love without expectations. The more we expect, the more pain we will get. I know its difficult, but sometimes its necessary and the only thing to do.
    Beautifully written. πŸ™‚

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      1. True love is always about giving….however, we humans always take love for granted. and when someone doesn’t reciprocate our love, we don’t know how to deal with the situation. Right before we are born, love is showered upon us in many ways and we have never been grateful enough for that.

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  2. Absolutely. I was thinking about similar chain of ideas last night. Trying to find analogy.

    Thinking of how my heart melts for someone or some situations. And how I manage to bring it back to its place.

    Nowadays I am working on a shatterless heart, just like Motorola released a shatterless glass.

    I was thinking of Mercury, but it quite didn’t fit the melting and regaining shape.

    Ice ! Sounds good πŸ™‚

    I will think of it more πŸ™‚

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  3. Hmm nice. But what vocabulary. I never felt the need for a dictionary with this blogging thing, not that there weren’t other such blogs, but you’ve piqued my interest to take a dictionary and browse your blog for its gems. This post is gold.

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