If i’d ask you to describe the sky,
What would you deduce?
Is it something luminous,
Or something ferociously dark?
One moment, it’s tinged with vibrant red,
Stained with dusky grey the other.
Pale blue to bewitching purple,
The sky paints itself in so many colours.
The colours of the sky change so fast, Unfortunately,
Human faces change faster.


73 thoughts on “Colours”

  1. I perceive the sky as a canvas,constantly changing it’s shade with time.You have described these changes beautifully, with a remarkable precision. I enjoyed reading this,espeacially the last line “Human faces change faster”. Bravo! πŸ™‚

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      1. You’re welcome Shreya.
        I too keep checking your blog from time to time. “Butterflies” is my favourite post thus far on Bewilderedhearts.

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  2. The sky is pure and sincere in it’s intentions, with each change comes an idea of what it will bring. Humanity hides behind expressions and emotions which is why they are given the term sporadic smiles. Good poem, it makes you think.

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  3. Somewhere I heard, sky reflects the light and it is a projection of what is around.

    I believe people reflect too.
    Sometimes it becomes their nature to project bitterness and sad qualities. Sometimes they get carried away by life and surroundings. But on the inside, everyone has some sort of humanity left, they just need to feel the urge.

    All other times, we need to project all the good things we have and spread. It is just part of life to interact n come across the lost child of God !

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