Captivate and confine.
Dark and tenebrous.
Strong and inescapable.
Smother and suffocate.
Subjugate and annihilate.
Mutilate and belittle.
Lonely and futile.
Cages are devastating –
Egos, more.


39 thoughts on “Cages.”

  1. This is brilliant! undeniably commendable for it’s depth and accuracy. I am glad to have read this today.I was much in need of a break from my tiring schedule I have prepared for my Boards which begins in two days. I therefore dropped by for a quick read,and I am glad I did so. I shall drop by soon,after my Board Examinations end. Until next time! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you , i’m glad you liked it!
      I know how vexatious boards can be , fortunately I have one more year πŸ˜› All the best to you. Your presence will be missed here on WordPress, see you soon bud , I know you’ll perform well (:

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  2. It’s been ages we left the caves,
    yet we are still living in cages,
    made by our beliefs n egos!

    The day when we break free from the cages and wander in the forests we will discover the true beast in all of us, beast in a good way, the beast who is powerful, strong, energetic and King of the Jungle.

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