The monochrome ocean is mighty and full of secrets.
Here comes an enormous wave,
Glowing blue ,
Outgoing wave.
Replete with vitality and vigour,
It’s ardent.
Looks warmer than a friendly wave.
The wave looks beautiful , but it’s meant to hit .
You’re the pebbled shore .

-Shreya Khetan.


31 thoughts on “Waves.”

      1. It’s a wonderful portrayal of a person who’s self centred. A person who’s self centred, monochrome is full of secrets.
        And then. When you meet a person who looks beautiful on the outside, but really isn’t so, such a person actually hits you.
        And you are left like a pebbled shore. One with so many hits.
        Thought provoking. Great job, Shreya. πŸ˜€

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      2. Wao. I didn’t think that way though! Basically the ocean is monochrome ,I.e, single colour, and the waves will be of the same colour too since they belong to the ocean which signifies that everyone from outside ( people ) have similar traits. The wave is shining ( signifies attractive ) blue, it is outgoing ( literal meaning : exit , it is leaving the ocean , deep meaning: it is friendly ) . The wave is energetic , ardent . The wave is warmer than a wave. Now tell me who waves at you ? Your friend which signifies warmth and affection , ie , the wave is attractive , energetic , friendly ,etc. The waves looks beautiful but that doesn’t mean it won’t hit you because it is in its nature to hit . And my friend, you’re the ” pebbled ” shore . When waves hit the pebbles , water sticks to the exterior which means even though the waves will hit you , you’ll get to learn from it .
        Cheers ! πŸ˜€

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