Blaze up 

Let the assent of winter make you bold,
Not cold .
Let the cold breeze hitting your face ,
Remind you of the sunny days to brace.
Let not the ones in cage belittle your ambitions ,
Rebel against the wrong conventions.
Soon you will soar ,
While they behind the locked bars shall hoar.
The fragile are subdued by the tide of time;
But you who’re so strong and bold,
But you who’s a jewel more valuable than gold,
How can YOU yield to the surge’s swell ?
You shall not get conquered by the whirlpool,
Because you’re the whole mighty ocean.
You’re lightening and you’re thunder ,
You’re a volcano and you shall not surrender.
You can bend and you can mend ,
You can break and you can fix ,
You’re powerful not weak.
You’re not a Phoenix that rises from the ashes ,
You make the ashes,
You’re fire.


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