Cuddling me when I don’t want to ,”go away ” I shouted but the voices wouldn’t listen.                                                         

Rises from dingy dull places ; the whispers , I think .                               

Inspirit if you can but do not condemn without a trigger to help.

Too curvy , too flat , too shiny , too dull ,too short , too long ,too rude , too docile, too fast , too slow – I learnt they always have to say something .

Inclement showers trying to break the umbrella.

Cactus ” they called it when the seed was that of a sunflower.

Invading the mind ,perforating through the heart , it can puncture the soul; if you let it do so

Sturdy winds fail to push locked doors,however .

Make way , meteors blaze and break:they won’t stop.


23 thoughts on “Criticism ”

  1. Oh my god Shreya! This is one of the best pieces of your work I have read so far… how we try our best to not judge, not criticise, but subconsciously, we are doing the exact same thing. How we do not want to limit our understanding of a situation or a person based on those voices that keep whispering into our helpless ears.. and how we have to learn to ignore them in order to think wide.. keep up the good work! I look forward to reading more of it💗

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  2. Hell, we all are critics constantly judging the littlest of things in life. What differentiates us though is how we perceive criticism for, it can either break us or it can make us. P.s, I love acrostic poems and I am so glad that you wrote one. Cheers! 🙂

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