Plea to my juvenile self

Dear five year old me ,

You climbed the Junglegym once upon a time and fell down scraping your knee. You got up and didn’t stop till you reached the top.

You spent hours on the swing ,
Gazing at the snowy white clouds that looked like horses racing on the clear blue sky.

You cried your heart out when it had hurt , when the pain was unbearable .

You spilled all the milk out of your mouth, bursting into laughter at a silly joke cracked by your friend.

You found solace in stories , pestering everyone who you knew to tell you one .

Why is the sky blue ?Why do we pray ?Why do trees don’t speak? Why am I supposed to this ? How am I supposed to do this ?
Your curious mind kept asking questions to everyone – without hesitation . Making a list of questions , you pinned them on your wall.

You sat beside your grandmother shelling peas , on your father’s lap playing with his hair , telling your mother what you did the whole day.

You jumped in puddles without the fear of spoiling your dress , feeling the raindrops on your skin , anxiously waiting for the rainbow.

You raced with the dog alone even though your friend , who was afraid of dogs , said it would bite you.

You believed in magic, fairies and unicorns even when elders said they didn’t exist.

You drew , sung and danced because you wanted to draw , sing and dance. Was there any other reason required, to do what you loved to do ?

Dear five year old me , I know you’re still there within me and I want you to stay there – always .


24 thoughts on “Plea to my juvenile self”

  1. Dear eighteen year old you, it seems to me that the five year old you is smiling at you at the moment for, you are not all that different from her. You are curious and still find solace in reading stories, and if memory serves you did mention that you still believe in unicorns. This poem sounds sweet to the ears, perhaps because it is honest and highlights your innocence. 🙂

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  2. it’s always good to preserve that child within us, but with age, we start finding demons everywhere. Anyways, given the topic, I would suggest you, to watch Radhika Apte’s letter on youtube. you will surely find it interesting..:) good day

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