The Burning City 

There was one, a factor unknown,
Pledged to save the city where every man would mourn.
His very shadow was shrouded among shadows,
He could not sleep peacefully ’til he perpetrated his vows.
Man with an iron fist,
He believed that humans should co-exist.
The revolution to be bought was in full swing,
Revolution to destroy the ghoul – a brutal man ; only pain to his subjects who would bring .
But behind a brute there is always a machiavellian mind,
Who used power and his prestige to bind and grind.

It will now end ,pull down the curtains, close the shutters.
A storm is coming ,
We better start running, gunning for the city that is burning, turning, churning excuses but along the way learning.
To the ground it was razed,
Where once the cattle grazed.
A burning mansion, for the sake of expansion, it was a sensation of trepidation ,
that a nation so great faced emasculation.

The cessation of taxation; a phoenix will rise,
in the form a nation free of strife.
Ashes to Ashes ,
The burning city , to rise once again, now falls .
The people were once desolate and mauled ,
Somewhere from the hero’s brain, a whisper crawled .
“If you’ll stop now , you’ll be abhorred ” ,
His heart – the thirst for freedom , it had fully absorbed .
The value of a life will no longer suffice,
He was left with no other choice .
The beast of society has to end ,
The ghoul ‘s victory will bring more grief than the hero’s death .
And it was then that he realized he had made his bed,
The bed is comfy , it will be all black soon after red.

A fanatic exploited this golden land ,
Now ashes envelope it like a beach with sand .
Rise and now dispel the showers of mayhem ,
he thinks ,bring back concord , support the growing stem.
The enigma takes the ghoul along , it wasn’t really a tough fight .
He dispels the darkness, and finally spreads the light .
Before closing his eyes for the last time ,he prays for the sun to come ,
He thinks ,”under the soft breeze , a song I will hum ,
Only this time ,when I hear the drum , i’ll run ,
I won’t march , i’ll run till I see the sun.
Somewhere far away , into the wild ;
Build of mild anatomy , I’ll play soon just like a child. ”


    This poem was the result of a bizarre conversation that I was having with Shitij ( ) . So , this is a collective effort . Also his first novel ” The girl from Rostov ” just got published . You can get it here   ( ).


12 thoughts on “The Burning City ”

  1. Shreya,
    You’re such an amazing and talented writer
    A marvellous wordsmith
    Who brings out the best in people,
    People who should worship the ground that you walk on,
    trod on, stride on, on and on
    A guy named John
    His girl is Bon Bon
    I think that’s the name of a song
    I might be wrong
    Lets get out the bong
    And play ping pong
    The leader of North Korea is Kim Jong

    Now that people have proof of how bad I rhyme
    May God forgive me this crime
    Anyway, our verses are dope
    Someday we might high five the Pope

    I believe that’s a little more than fourteen lines and that too in no particular order

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Buddy! You are so talented and so good at this. People who can use words like this never cease to amaze me. Every time I read your poem, I feel like I’m reading the work of a professional and not my classmate. You have an exquisite way with words. You go girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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