Sorry society. 

Sorry society for not being the fragile princess you always wanted me to be .
Sorry society but when I saw his eyes transfixed on my breasts as if they were theirs to please , I felt I would crush those very eyes and stifle him till he could breath no more .
Sorry society for I wear clothes which show my knees and those heels an inch longer ,
I paint my eyes a shade darker and colour my lips crimson red just because I want to .
Sorry society for somehow I forget every time that crazy women speak too much , mouths are supposed to be used to whistle at every girl that crosses the street .
Sorry society but I heard of this woman who chose to be a single mother ,and raise her own child ,what a reckless slut, isn’t she ?
Sorry society I declined the offer to be dropped at my home safely after ten , because I thought I was big enough to protect myself .
Sorry society but when you call anybody a pussy , I’m dumb enough to think that it’s not synonymous to weakness .
Sorry society for being an irrational inquisitive loud freak , and not accepting that certain things are meant just for boys .
Sorry society for not appreciating humour, ” why do women have legs ? So they can get from the bedroom to the kitchen ” it is a funny joke , I should have exploded laughing .
Sorry society for I’m gross , I have hair on my legs and hands and everywhere else and weirdly it does not bother me.
Sorry society for bleeding every month , for ruining my bedsheets and more than that for acting absurd during those days , for being unable to control my damn hormones . It’s all my fault.
Sorry society for I stare right back instead of shying away and looking down .
Sorry society for not having a soft soothing voice , for not walking the catlike walk – sashaying my hips with grace.
Sorry society for I have rebelled in the past, in the present and shall continue to do so in the future .
Sorry society for not being even remotely sorry , not a bit , not at all.


30 thoughts on “Sorry society. ”

  1. The truth in these words stabs like a knife. It’s so powerful and loud and embodies the disgusting, grave reality of our society. It’s more than a piece of writing, it’s a voice, not Wishing to be heard but being so striking and poignant, that it demands to be heard across every nook and corner of this country. x

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  2. Hey Shreya!
    This was by far one of the bestest poems I’ve read till date!
    The poem uncovers raw emotions and presents the stark truths that we all know deep inside, but choose to forget or ignore.
    Would really want u to check out my blog for a similar poem!
    Lots of love 🙂

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  3. Sorry society, for exposing your self gratifying ambitions. This too shall like several others pass into oblivion for, you have engulfed the ignorant masses in the waves of false consciousness.

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