Today while sipping my coffee i just realized how identical coffee is, to love. The enticing fragrance will draw you closer to it and will cast a spell on your mind to have a sip. The first sip that you take, and there, it will allay your restless mind, will soothe your worries . That which is lethal itself will at once give you the feeling of tranquility from this lethal world. It will enthrall you to an extent that you’ll get addicted to the drug. When you’re depressed it will make you feel better. You’re happy? It will add to your exultant spirits.There’s no melancholy you can’t allay, no difficulty you can’t superate when you have it.How similar is love to coffee. Everything seems so marvelous when you fall in love. The presence itself will seem so luminous that it will cover all the darkness you saw before, all the imperfections you saw in yourself, all hurdles you thought you’ll never be able to cross, all depressions you’ll never get over with. As time flies,you’ll realize you’re so deep into the ocean that there’s no turning back, you’re amidst the sea and its your life jacket , you just can’t do without it. The drug will cling to you like an adhesive, so glutinous you can’t separate it from yourself. That which once used to soothe your storms, now itself rouses a storm in you which cannot be controlled. Its enigmatic how coffee and love first protect you and then itself kills you. Such paradoxes which when taken excessively become a threat to our own self.The question which arises is that when we know its harmful for us in the long run, why do we get involved in it in the first place ?
The answer is, a moth knows falling in love with fire will eventually kill it still it falls for it. Does’nt it ?



We humans are so similar to this creature with brightly colored wings and conspicuous fluttering flight, we’re just like these butterflies.We flutter around people who allure us, spend time with them, take whatever we want from them and leave them. We go away to some other flower that attracts us and do the same with that flower. Maybe that’s life. We’re all a butterfly , but we’re also a flower to someone else’s life. That’s the cycle of life , its a struggle where we’re constantly being used by someone and we ourselves are using someone else.We’re all like these pretty butterflies, different colours, different sizes yet we’re all the same deep down, we all have the same heart. The heart which craves to love and to be loved. The heart which is attracted towards each flower. Each flower it meets is temprorary, but the love that they share is always real. In life we meet different people, many people , but no one’s constant and that’s life, but memories are. They always stay. Love is constant, somewhere deep down in your heart each person you meet leaves a mark , each flower brings out different sides of the butterfly.Every person we meet brings out different sides of us, while some will help us grow and help us shine ,others will use our shine to sparkle. We’re all butterflies , in this garden of life, different colours , different souls, yet we all are beautiful in our own way. We’re like butterflies, always fluttering around something. We are never settled, never satisfied , we always want more. We’re like the butterfly that always wishes to soar higher, never gives up. We’re butterflies, we’re all like those butterflies.


How can we expect ourselves to be happy all the time? I’ve never heard any man saying “Yes I am happy . Happy with life. I do not want anything else . I am satisfied” Even if you say yes I am happy , till how much time can you continue saying the same thing? Like one hour? One day? One week?maximum one month? And then suddenly you’ll realize that nothing is good, everything is bad, and all you see is darkness and negativity. You might have it all, world’s best parents, friends, siblings, money , respect , popularity everything but if you’re missing someone its hell. Stuck in a world where people who are single want to get married, people who are married consider it to be a burden, people who are partying feel they are the loneliest ,people who are studying and building careers feel that life is dull and want to party, so basically no one is satisfied . We are never satisfied and probably this whole idea of happiness and being satisfied with what you have is a mere illusion. It is not possible. In fact I feel sadness and dissatisfaction is what keeps you going in life. Tough situations bring out the best in us, makes us strong, and the bad times are the reason why in the happy times, we feel joyful . How will you understand the meaning of happiness until you’ve ¬†been sad? How will you know what’s pain until you’ve been through heart breaks? How will you know the importance of your friends until you’ve been alone? In a world full of disloyalty, hatred and loneliness we often ignore and neglect the ones who really matter to us just for the sake of achieving something or someone who does not even gives a shit about our existence.The bad times help us in making us realize how lucky we actually are. It is the bad times, the bad times.

daft who finds solace in writing