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You ,
Yes you who’s reading this
You’re made of stars ,with galaxies within.
You’re not beautiful like the butterfly fluttering around the purple flowers ,
or like the moon in the night sky .
You’re not beautiful like a song,
Or like the snow flakes on the ground on a winter morning.
You’re beautiful like you .
You’re beautiful because you’re you .
You’re beautiful because no one can be you .
Even when you cry so much that your insides hurt ,
Even when you mess things up ,
Even when you’re angry ,
Even at your stupidest inane acts,
Even at your worst worst ,
You’re beautiful .
Because you’re not the times you were silent
You’re the times you understood silence.
You’re not your woes
You’re the times you had removed others woes.
You ,
Yes you .
Your flaws ,
Your curves ,
Your scars,
Your body ,
Your heart ,
Your mind ,
Is beautiful .
I can see ,
I can see.
And in the morning ,
When the clouds are white , when
the dew drops glisten on the leaves and
Your eyes opened wide ,
I wish you’ll realise ,
That you’re no less than the beauty that surrounds you .