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Falling happily ,
In this
Obscure abyss ;
Like a reader lost in fantasy,
Continuing ,
Even if it breaks his egocentric little reader’s heart ,
Gulping the death of his darlings .
Embracing the wounds every word gifts him with:
A blissful peaceful slaughter .
I want to be stuck in this abyss forever.

Invigorating intoxicating pit this is-
Leading my mind to a trance .
A maze of relentless passion ;
It feels like fire .

I’m restless ;
Like a man sinking in the ocean ,
Clutching whatever he can ,
Holding on for dear life .
I’m ravenous ;
Like a man ,
Devouring the last drop of wine that is left,
Yearning to stretch that split second into years .
This abyss is now my abode.

When the clouds embraced the moon at night ,
I would sit by my window and envy the sight .
So many stars that filled the sky ,
Two of them twinkled in those bright dark eyes .
Damn those sadist little bewitching eyes.