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Sorry society. 

Sorry society for not being the fragile princess you always wanted me to be .
Sorry society but when I saw his eyes transfixed on my breasts as if they were theirs to please , I felt I would crush those very eyes and stifle him till he could breath no more .
Sorry society for I wear clothes which show my knees and those heels an inch longer ,
I paint my eyes a shade darker and colour my lips crimson red just because I want to .
Sorry society for somehow I forget every time that crazy women speak too much , mouths are supposed to be used to whistle at every girl that crosses the street .
Sorry society but I heard of this woman who chose to be a single mother ,and raise her own child ,what a reckless slut, isn’t she ?
Sorry society I declined the offer to be dropped at my home safely after ten , because I thought I was big enough to protect myself .
Sorry society but when you call anybody a pussy , I’m dumb enough to think that it’s not synonymous to weakness .
Sorry society for being an irrational inquisitive loud freak , and not accepting that certain things are meant just for boys .
Sorry society for not appreciating humour, ” why do women have legs ? So they can get from the bedroom to the kitchen ” it is a funny joke , I should have exploded laughing .
Sorry society for I’m gross , I have hair on my legs and hands and everywhere else and weirdly it does not bother me.
Sorry society for bleeding every month , for ruining my bedsheets and more than that for acting absurd during those days , for being unable to control my damn hormones . It’s all my fault.
Sorry society for I stare right back instead of shying away and looking down .
Sorry society for not having a soft soothing voice , for not walking the catlike walk – sashaying my hips with grace.
Sorry society for I have rebelled in the past, in the present and shall continue to do so in the future .
Sorry society for not being even remotely sorry , not a bit , not at all.


The free caged bird 

Choking , gasping ,
She sinks in the deep black ocean of
misogyny ,
Enveloped in a thick black veil that conceals nothing –
But your
black heart and your black mind ,
As you watch from the shore with your arms crossed ,
Blaming her for her plight .

She smothers , stifles and suffocates
Like a caged bird ,
desperately struggling to open its colourful wings and soar ,
High admist the thick white clouds ,
and the clear blue sky ;
while you’re busy holding on to senseless chains of patriarchy and belittling her .

But whirlpools don’t drown ,
she will rise like a dauntless vortex ;
destroying the very shore you were standing on ,
The shore which like your very own thoughts are built of grains of sand.
You can entrap a bird so beautiful ,
But she will never stop singing those summer songs ,
Songs – that give her hope and strength
To break free .

Blind in your ego and vanity ,
Numb in your rage ,
You do not realize that
One day
She’d be gone .
Gone far far away from your reach –
In a place beyond limits and boundaries ,
In a place beyond oppression and misogyny .
Singing her summer songs ,
She’ll meet you there.