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Story of a Woodpecker

Why doesn’t she sing on the majestic hills,

and sway on the bay till time stands still?

Why doesn’t she go the gentle way,

and feed on some easy prey ?

Someone tell the brutal tree,

“It’s time, to bend your knee.”

She takes a peek inside its soul,

Unwraps the mystery, and grabs her goal.

She screams her triumphs with her head held high,

The cosmos always helps those who try.

Oh woodpecker, you carve your name on every skin,

You’re Frail and small but so tough within.

Life is like the arduous tree,

You struggle and hit, till it sets you free.

Speak your mind, be dauntless forever,

Come what may, keep pecking like the woodpecker.

(Art source: google )



Cuddling me when I don’t want to ,”go away ” I shouted but the voices wouldn’t listen.                                                         

Rises from dingy dull places ; the whispers , I think .                               

Inspirit if you can but do not condemn without a trigger to help.

Too curvy , too flat , too shiny , too dull ,too short , too long ,too rude , too docile, too fast , too slow – I learnt they always have to say something .

Inclement showers trying to break the umbrella.

Cactus ” they called it when the seed was that of a sunflower.

Invading the mind ,perforating through the heart , it can puncture the soul; if you let it do so

Sturdy winds fail to push locked doors,however .

Make way , meteors blaze and break:they won’t stop.

Blaze up 

Let the assent of winter make you bold,
Not cold .
Let the cold breeze hitting your face ,
Remind you of the sunny days to brace.
Let not the ones in cage belittle your ambitions ,
Rebel against the wrong conventions.
Soon you will soar ,
While they behind the locked bars shall hoar.
The fragile are subdued by the tide of time;
But you who’re so strong and bold,
But you who’s a jewel more valuable than gold,
How can YOU yield to the surge’s swell ?
You shall not get conquered by the whirlpool,
Because you’re the whole mighty ocean.
You’re lightening and you’re thunder ,
You’re a volcano and you shall not surrender.
You can bend and you can mend ,
You can break and you can fix ,
You’re powerful not weak.
You’re not a Phoenix that rises from the ashes ,
You make the ashes,
You’re fire.

Knight In Shining Armour

A sword sometimes clutched in hand ,
A sturdy exterior with a heart so grand .
Full of valour and gallantry ,
Loyal to a fault; wears it as an accessory.
Obstinately refusing to give up and let go of you ,
Sticks like glue even when others say adieu .
Ready to slay all that comes on the way,
When melancholy befalls , makes you gay.
More luminous than the sun ,
An aura so magnificent that makes one burn.
Human’s biggest fantasy ,
Cannot remain a mystery.
Such a person with deftness abound,
By hook or crook had to be found.
I looked at the mirror ,
Finally discerned my knight in shining armour.

Light in obscurity

There’s truth in night and in shadows.
There’s truth in the breeze that touches the willows.
The hallow of the soul creating a hollow on your mind,
The obscurity of the night is not a fiend.
Outward facades that one puts on during the day ,
With the advent of dusk it gradually decays.
And, eyes see light
More luminous than the daylight.
And lips utter words ,
Which at day the brain never accords .
Perhaps it’s called the witching hour ,
Because to embrace the demon within is beyond a mortal’s power.
Night is alluring ,
Night is engulfing .
Night bewitches ,
Night enthralls.
Night kills,
Night heals.
There’s truth in night and in shadows ,
There’s truth in the breeze that touches the willows.