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Floating clouds 

Cold icy hands , a lean figure shrouded in black , he brings his hand forward ,I could feel a smirk even behind the veil , villainous ,destructing, annihilating- it doesn’t feel alien.
I walk in empty streets tracing my way across rusty street lights , hurling out smoke , dreaming of white tulips , and pink sunsets – it doesn’t feel alien .
I’m stuck on a forlorn island in a wooden hut. I can listen to the waves roaring, crashing, hitting the stones , a symphony.I close my eyes ,it doesn’t feel alien .
It’s that time of the year , when the wind brings with it ,the sweet smell of illusive nothingness , my mind whirls, buzzing with sweet memories of friends long forgotten and love unrequited . It doesn’t feel alien .
Hazy days and steamy coffee , here I sit wondering, trying to make sense of it all , things done ,left undone , words said and left unsaid .
Another moment I’m weeping and laughing in the pouring rain trying to drown me or are they just my thoughts ? I look up and see myself sitting on the clouds with my head bent down ; green, yellow ,brown ,blue , invisible I’m invisible to her ,no I look miniature ,I tell myself . “You look miniature to her.”
I look down at my soggy legs , black dust and wet leaves . I think I should leave but it doesn’t feel alien .
I am tiny and fragile like a bubble floating around like a feather ,I wonder where to land . It should be morning , the sun would rise any moment .
I’m moving at jet speed now ,I race ,I race I race ,I am running running running .I collide into the crimson sun and rise with it , embraced by the smoke – I become whole.
I am sitting on the cloud ,my auburn hair all over my face and black eyes transfixed on something ; I feel alien now. Admist the silhouettes here’s where the road diverges into two – rocky dusty with the smell of sweet victory and the other which I cannot see. I dive .