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Horrors of divergence 

The adamant roots sprout from the trees;
Woven together like threads ,
Creating their own mesh.
Growing deeper and deeper ,
Like a thirsty conqueror,
On a conquest to seize the world .
Mating like lustful lovers ,
Who’ve been apart for too long .
Embracing and whispering sweet songs
into each others ears.
Interlocked in a manner ,
Impossible to be untangled.
An architect of the tree ,
They hold it firmly together.
Such is the strength of bonds formed by water ,
The roots prefer to die embracing ,
Than forsaking each other .

Why do then,
bonds formed by blood ,
Succumb to the slightest wind ,
Breaking like pieces of glass ?
Man killing another man with neither guilt nor shame ,
Aren’t we sprouts of the same bud ?
Our hearts have gone numb ,
It doesn’t rend at the sight of gore and wreckage.
We march towards havoc ,
Blinded by our prejudice and ego .
We’re on the verge of destroying the tree: once sturdy and tenacious,
Which now awaits its doom.
Our bonds so fickle ,
It gradually rusts,
while hanging on the barn.
Devoted like the roots ,
I hope we would eventually return to our roots.