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Story of a Woodpecker

Why doesn’t she sing on the majestic hills,

and sway on the bay till time stands still?

Why doesn’t she go the gentle way,

and feed on some easy prey ?

Someone tell the brutal tree,

“It’s time, to bend your knee.”

She takes a peek inside its soul,

Unwraps the mystery, and grabs her goal.

She screams her triumphs with her head held high,

The cosmos always helps those who try.

Oh woodpecker, you carve your name on every skin,

You’re Frail and small but so tough within.

Life is like the arduous tree,

You struggle and hit, till it sets you free.

Speak your mind, be dauntless forever,

Come what may, keep pecking like the woodpecker.

(Art source: google )


Horrors of divergence 

The adamant roots sprout from the trees;
Woven together like threads ,
Creating their own mesh.
Growing deeper and deeper ,
Like a thirsty conqueror,
On a conquest to seize the world .
Mating like lustful lovers ,
Who’ve been apart for too long .
Embracing and whispering sweet songs
into each others ears.
Interlocked in a manner ,
Impossible to be untangled.
An architect of the tree ,
They hold it firmly together.
Such is the strength of bonds formed by water ,
The roots prefer to die embracing ,
Than forsaking each other .

Why do then,
bonds formed by blood ,
Succumb to the slightest wind ,
Breaking like pieces of glass ?
Man killing another man with neither guilt nor shame ,
Aren’t we sprouts of the same bud ?
Our hearts have gone numb ,
It doesn’t rend at the sight of gore and wreckage.
We march towards havoc ,
Blinded by our prejudice and ego .
We’re on the verge of destroying the tree: once sturdy and tenacious,
Which now awaits its doom.
Our bonds so fickle ,
It gradually rusts,
while hanging on the barn.
Devoted like the roots ,
I hope we would eventually return to our roots.